Horizontal Tracing,  a PlugIn for “ImageJ”

Version 0b1.x     Bureau H. Glünder 2018

Horizontal Tracing is an “ImageJ”-PlugIn which is “ImageJ Macro”-recordable.
Horizontal Tracing traces the contours of a horizontally elongated object (dark on light ground) and represents them as polyline selections.
Horizontal Tracing primarily serves the determination of thickness variations of elongated and horizontally aligned objects.
According to the disc diameter of the applied "Rolling Disc"-approach, contour gaps are bridged and contours are smoothed.
Horizontal Tracing does not accept colour-images or image-stacks.
Download “HorizontalTracing_0b1-x.zip”, unzip this file, consult the ReadMe, and put Horizontal_Tracing.class in the “plugins”-folder of your “ImageJ”-distribution.
Quit and restart “ImageJ”.
Open an image showing an elongated and horizontally aligned object.
Create a suitable circular selection above or below the object.
Choose the item “Horizontal Tracing” from the “Plugins”-menu of “ImageJ”.
The dialog:
Further details:
Macro operation:
Horizontal Tracing requires a license.
Horizontal Tracing is provided AS IS and you use it entirely at your own risk.